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Delivery SameDay SERvices (299฿ )


Luggage delivery service to the destination within 1 day, there is a system to track the status of the arrangement real-time delivery, convenient, fast, and worry-free.Customers can drop their bags at the Smilelugg counter or Hotel, or we can provide a luggage pickup service to the hotel or Airport. We focus on service top quality.Service fee is only 299 baht/piece.   ** Bagage or luggage that is larger than normal size.  such as golf bags, skis **
Conditions of same-day luggage delivery service
Hotel > Airport // Hotel > Hotel   
Drop-off 13:00 Delivery before 18:00 
Airport > Hotel 
Drop off 10:00 Delivery before 18:00
Drop off 16:00 Delivery before 20:00
Drop-off after 16:00  service charge 200 Baht at service counter

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Delivery Next Day services (150-650฿)


Luggage delivery service to the destination All in Thailand,Supports transmission weight up to 45 KG/piece there is a system to track the status of the arrangement   
    Size S      0-3 Kg    150 Baht
    Size M    4-20 Kg    400 Baht    
    Size L   21-30 Kg    550 Baht         
    Size XL 31-45 Kg    650 Baht        




Storage luggages.(100฿)

Storage Service 100 baht/piece/day

Luggage storage service customers do not have to worry about their luggage with Smilelugg's luggage storage service at the counter.

We offer plenty of storage space and 24-hour security to keep you worry-free while you leave your luggage with us.

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Wrapping luggages

Wrapping Luggages.(120฿)

Bag-wrapping service 120 baht/piece

Luggage wrap service to protect luggage for customers not to be damaged we protect with quality wrapping material and the work of the team is of the highest standard.Open for service at Smilelugg counter 24 hours. . Service fee is only 120 baht / piece

Why choose Us.

 we are the only one that provides complete luggage service in  Suvarnabhumi airport. 

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Convenient, economical,  on time, and covering every point in Bangkok with real-time luggage tracking system

What we Do. 

We have expanded our service area to cover all over Thailand and around the world.

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Luggage storage  100 baht/piece

Luggage delivery  400 baht/piece


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